Simple Web Database Application

API's Simple Web Database Application is a backend application for small websites that can be fully configured and supported by users. It has three elements: 1) a generic run-time engine, 2) a configuration tool to make the generic engine application specific, and 3) a user interface for internal and external users to have access to the system.

Seb Database Application Simplicity

This tool is available at low cost from API. It has usage restrictions: use must be credited to API and the run-time engine cannot be modified without the support of API. Even with these restrictions, it is a great tool for building quick, simple web applications that require database support.

This application makes web-based database applications simple and available to non-technical companies. Think spreadsheet applications online.


The application includes three sample databases along with tutorials on how they were created. You can use them as they are or as guides for creating your own applications. We're running these databases for you to preview and experiment with:  the simple Phone Book,  the less simple Baby Gift Registry,  and the complex Bug Tracking Database.