API Manufacturing Systems.

API has been building manufacturing software systems, stand-alone and fully integrated, since 1986. API works closely with our customers to ensure complete satifaction of our customer's business needs and manufacturing demands. Understanding the needs of manufacturers and delivering appropriate software systems requires the skills, interest and expertise that API provides.

QFSSoftware for Manufacturing

The Quality Feedback System (QFS) is manufacturing software that helps production people reduce inventory, integrate shop-floor production into the supply chain and increase product quality. Provide your own Oracle database and this shrink wrap software is available to use, free from API.

Custom systems, manufacturing and otherwise, are the core of API's business. API has built a number of award winning manufacturing systems for our customers' state-of-the-art facilities. These systems support lot and flow manufacturing, centralized data storage, ISO 9000 certification, mixed prototyping and high-volume production and a wide variety of manufacturing equipment.