API's Talent

One way that API helps our customers is to make our team available to our customers in project work and as consultants. Our team is the most talented and dedicated available. We have the following types of resources available for projects around San Francisco and around the World. Please contact API for details on pricing and availablity.

API has smart technical folk.

Systems Developers

API has development teams to make your enterprise and Internet applications a success.

Project Managers

API's project managers ensure that the business and technical direction dictated by the market environment are effectively and successfully completed.

Senior Software Developers

API's software developers are fluent in multiple programming languages, operating systems, database technologies and application environments. Typical technical words associated are

Some of our developers focus on data modeling and designing, some on industrial measurement and control, some on network infrastructure. All of them work together to capture every opportunity to make projects successful whether for enterprise applicatsion, Internet applications, industrial control or simply complex software that cannot be made any other way.

Systems Support

API has support teams to oversee that enterprise and Internet systems, once developed, are deployed and supported effectively and efficiently.

Senior Database Administrator

API's Senior DBAs for Oracle and SQL Server databases under Windows NT and UNIX operating systems are able to deploy and support high availability, high volume systems. These systems include traditional database functions, enterprise applications, Internet site support and e-commerce backends. API's DBAs have encyclopedic knowledge and experience with any size range of database. This includes supporting systems with small, mission-critical datasets and system tuning with thousands of active concurrent users. In addition to these DBA roles our senior DBAs also are experienced database designers, programmers and systems administrators. They work with multiple operating systems and know many programming languages such as C, C++, Java and scripting languages such as Javascript or Perl.

Systems Administrator

API's System Administrators are skilled in many operating systems include Windows NT and UNIX varients. Our System Adminstrators can handle any level of operating system and network setup.

Rates and Terms

API's rates and contract terms depend on the type and duration of the contracts. Time and materials are the most common contract terms available through API. For additional information and contract quotes please contact API's ZZZZZZZZ office at ZZZZZZZZ or email API at ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.