Jobs with API

Employment opportunities with Automation Programming, Inc. are principally in San Francisco. API is a non-traditional software development company that encourages tremendous personal and professional growth while building well respected, state-of-the-art software systems. The work environment is dynamic, challenging and rewarding. The coworkers are extraordinary.

API has multiple aspects to its business.

  • We build software backends. This includes Internet infrastructure as well as more traditional large scale software systems.
  • We also build manufacturing software systems including custom systems and our QFS product.
  • We build equipment control and monitoring applications.
All aspects of our business are highly technical and solve difficult problems. The problems are complex and infer complex systems to solve them, they have short timelines and they have cost restrictions that require inspired solutions. This means we have to have smart, dedicated people.

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API studies and meets real customer needs.

Generally we hire very smart, motivated people. They have a fluency in at least a few programming environments and have an ability to learn new tools and concepts quickly. Our people all can grasp complex problems and understand how to represent those problems in a clear and simple manner. Our people can then communicate those representations to our customers to facilitate the planning and completion of software projects in a timely manner.

While emphasis on particular skills and years of experience varies, the basic profile of API's people remains the same. They have creat core skills, like to learn new things and are motivated to get the job done. Our people's skills are supplemented with training so that our engineers can successfully do a wide variety of projects. Our people work together and share information as projects develop. The result is our small company does projects that are often difficult or impossible for other organizations.

API's work environment is friendly and flexible. We telecommute, work with customers on site and work from API's offices as projects dictate. Payment is proportionate with effort, skills and experience.

API's people are all focused on the customer. API's technical people are second to none.